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The Lazy Fashionista's Guide on Making Wide Leg Cropped Pants Look Fancy

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wide leg cropped pants are the best pick for you if you're not a fan of dresses and skirts, but they come with a medium-sized disadvantage: they are very relaxed. Many entrepreneurs count them as too relaxed for the office, especially if they are not full length, so you need to boost them. Because they are not quite easy to style, the entire process can be very tricky, especially for a rather lazy fashionista, who doesn't want to spend hours on end in front of the wardrobe.

The tunic and cropped pants look: Matching your wide leg cropped pants with a tunic is the best way to boost the outfit and make it more elegant or office appropriate, depending on your needs. On a warm day, go for silk pants and wool kaftan; the two materials are going to contrast and emphasize each other, while they keep you comfortable and stylish.

Fashion statement outfit: If your wide leg cropped pants are rather plain, you can pair them with an interesting top. One example is an elegant shirt with an oversized peplum. The details are going to make the entire outfit pop, so you can choose the same shades for the shirt and pants.

Style your 60s wide leg cropped pants: One of the most comfortable and stylish pair of wide leg cropped pants is the one inspired from the roaring 60, with a bold print. These are also the most relaxed pants, so you need to match them with a more conservative top, in order to balance the outfit. Go for a turtleneck blouse in one color and a long, fringe vest, which can keep you warm and make an amazing fashion statement.

Let the footwear do the talk: Now that we know how to make an amazing outfit in minutes, it's time to work on the details. Wide leg pants work with both high and low heels. If you are wearing full length wide leg cropped pants you want to pair them with high heels or platforms, but flats are always an option, as long as the length of the pants allows you to wear no heels. On the opposite side, if you are sporting mid-length pants, you must pair them with high heels or boots, in order to emphasize the footwear. On cold days, this is a great way to keep your feet toasty, without giving up on style.

Fabrics and patterns are the key: When you want to boost your wide crop pants you can also play with fabrics. This step requires more planning, but it can go a long way. When you are buying pants, look at the fabric and try to visualize the clothes you have that can be paired with the pants in order to make different outfits. Silk and linen are best for warm months, but depending on the pattern, they can be worn at the office or at an evening event. For example, pants made of silk in a cream shade can be worn both at elegant, fancy events and more relaxed parties, plus at the office. On the other hand, a pair of pants with a swirl pattern is more fitted for a day out with the girls.

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