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Are You Ready For The Best Dressed Dog?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Women’s fashions tend to receive all the attention, fanfare and cover shots. We glamorize our celebrities and the Haute Couture rolled out by the latest darling designers. Fashion is a huge top down industry. The designer plug there’s wears at the high end boutiques and department stores and they are rapidly copied for mass distribution in big box stores. Fashion is a huge economic driver in our economy ranked in one of the top 15 industries in the nation.

Another mega industry that has shown enormous growth in the last decade is often referred to as the pet industrial complex. More Americans per capita are pet owners, specifically dog owners, than ever before. The pet supply industry is all too happy to cater to this insatiable market. From car seats, to diapers to raincoats, there’s almost no category left unfulfilled. It too, is an economic driver. Groupon offers its famous discounts to a multitude of pet supply companies including 1800petmeds.com. From fashion to glamour, if you’re searching for it for your canine, chances are you’ll find it. An astounding array of fashion is available for dogs. There was a period not so long ago that the offerings for canine friends were limited to a few dog toys and fancy dog bones. That’s no longer the case. Pet gifts are actually a Christmas gift category for so many retailers. Beyond rain coats and booties, glamourous dog collars with genuine precious stones are available for purchase. Shockingly, some of America’s most respected jewelers are now carrying items designed specifically for the well-heeled dog owner.

This industry creates jobs in the design and manufacturing sector as well as marketing and retail. There has been an explosion in health care options available for pets as well. If you are considering the purchase of a pet – know you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it’s time to search for the perfect Christmas gift.


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